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    Do You Know How to Install a Tube into PP Compression Fitting?

    The pp compression fitting is composed of pipe fitting body, lock nut, pipe clamp and V-shaped sealing ring. When using, the nut and pipe clamp shall be put on the pipe in turn, and the pipe shall be inserted into the pipe body 4-5cm through the V-shaped ...  more
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    What Applications of PP Compression Fitting?

    Mechanical Compression Fitting is a fitting that connect piping elements which require physical force to develop a seal or produce alignment. There are several materials of compression fittings, such as: Steel, Brass, Plastic. The most plastic material us...  more
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    You Need to Know How to Use Heat Transfer Paper

    Ask any tole painter what heat transfer paper is and chances are they have used it many times over. However, for most crafters, this is a little gem of a tool that most hadn’t considered or didn’t know was available. It’s called transfer paper; though you...  more
    led by gao

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    Know More Information About PP Compression Fitting

    The pp compression fitting is used to join copper piping together for water and gas systems that provide a watertight seal between two pipes or a pipe. Consisting of three parts, (fitting nut, olive and a coupling/valve) the diagram below shows the order ...  more
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    معاً لدعم الأجيال السعودية

    الهدف الرئيس لهذه المجموعة هو توعية أجيال المستقبل بأهمية تقدير الموارد البشرية النيرة التي لها جهودها الجبَّارة في استغلال أشعة الشمس .
    led by فادي ابوندى